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SOE Hosts Teacher Induction Ceremony on March 28

by UM School of Education on February 15, 2017

UM students participate in the 2016 SOE Teacher Induction Ceremony.

The University of Mississippi School of Education will host its third annual Teacher Induction Ceremony, March 28 at 5:30 p.m. at the Jackson Avenue Center.

The ceremony marks the beginning of students entering “Phase II” of their  education program and acknowledges undergraduates in elementary education, special education and secondary education who have met select criteria.

“I believe we are united in the educational profession and our purpose to inspire and teach others to lead the profession,” said Virginia Moore, elementary education program coordinator and associate professor. “Many of these teacher candidates will devote their entire life to teaching and their journey begins this semester with the Induction Ceremony.”

To participate in the ceremony, students must complete all core requirements within their curriculum, have a minimum core GPA of at least 2.75 and a minimum ACT score of 21 (or passing the Praxis Core exam). The SOE currently has an average ACT score of 25 and a GPA of 3.28 for incoming teacher education students.

“I’m really excited about the ceremony,” said Gabrielle Vogt, UM junior and upcoming inductee. “I think that they are trying to build up the School of Education and the teaching profession in general.”

During the ceremony, students will receive a pin and lanyard to be worn as they work with students and licensed teachers during student teaching.

The main speaker at the induction ceremony will be past recipient of the Elsie M. Hood Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, Ethel Young Scurlock, associate professor of English and African American Studies at UM.

“This is really a way that we, as teachers, can give back to our students, said Diane Lowry, clinical assistant professor of special education.

Parents, spouses, children and guests are invited to attend the event each year and students say they are excited to be able to share such a memorable moment with their families.

“It is always exciting to empower these bright teacher candidates and to know they will improve our ever-changing democratic society and our future,” Moore said. “As professional educators, we believe that education is a noble profession with the power to transform the lives of others.”

By Alexandria Paton